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William Foley



Pianist  |  Composer  |  Arranger

A professional pianist and composer for over thirty years, William Foley performs in Dallas and nationally with musicians as varied and talented as Bill Tillman, Marshall Ivory, Shelly Carol, Drew Phelps and John Adams. Mr. Foley is a graduate of the University of North Texas College of Music with a degree in jazz studies. He has also studied with Kenny Werner, Sanford Gold and at Columbia University.

William Foley

With a keen interest in harmony and strong melodies that take you places, William Foley’s compositions defy easy classification. Evocative and soul-stirring, with jazz and classical influences, each piece leads listeners on a journey deep within. The melodies invite resonance along the full spectrum of feeling, from quiet melancholy to expansive joy, grief and sorrow to serene awareness.

Like life itself, the music is filled with twists and turns, modulations and unexpected directions. Above all, it fosters greater exploration of the human experience by conveying listeners to sacred places forgotten or never before encountered.

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