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Live session at Jazz Fest in Denton, Texas

Want to listen to William Foley's music? Below are some highlight videos and audio for you to enjoy. If you like what you hear, William's work can be purchased wherever music is sold.

Enjoy William Foley's music at his YouTube channel.

Stay With Me

This live concert recording is an eight piece group performing William’s unique pop songs. These pieces defy easy classification. The use of violin, cello and clarinet provides a deep resonant texture for the vocals to dance over. Mixed into the song list are some instrumental songs that could easily be described as movie themes. Included in the package is a DVD with six videos.

Ceremony of Innocence

This solo piano CD showcases William’s lyrical and romantic compositions. Unlike much of the new age piano music released over the years these songs have have strong melodic and surprising harmonic movement. They take you on a journey with twists and turns.

Say I Am You

This is a small sampling of a current CD of original compositions that is in production. It is a collection of pieces in the style of straight ahead jazz, fusion, funk, spiritual and William Foley’s distinct compositional style that includes classical influences. The bones of the material is a jazz quintet including sax and trumpet. This is an exciting project being brilliantly produced by Giampiero Scuderi. 

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